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I think I have totally baffled myself now with week 53 and year end... I am relatively new to managing year end Payroll. Apologies if this sounds confusing. I have read so many of the guides but think I have confused myself even more....... 

I have a week 53.  My week 53 covers pay from Monday 25th March until Sun 31st March and is due to be paid Friday 5th April, as we pay 1 week in arrears.

My first point of confusion is around when to complete year end. Would this be 05/04 when I close my payroll for this week, or would it be next week when I am actually going to pay from Monday 1st April - Sun 7th April. My concern is that not all pay information would be included on P60's.

Another point of confusion is that I also have a monthly payroll which was last paid on Friday 8th March and isn't due to be paid until 12th April. If I use 8th March as the last pay of the year, what happens to the earnings from Mar 9th to April 5th?. Will this be missing from P60's

Hoping someone can clarify

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    Hi Lesley

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    regarding when you can complete your year end. If you have processed, updated your records and sent the FPS for your payroll dated the 5th of April, you can complete your year end anytime before the 19th of April.

    in regards to your payroll being a week in arrears. This is not something that HMRC will acknowledge; they only see the date you are processing, so any payrolls processed and updated before the 6th of April will be the values included on the P60. 



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