year end adjustment

I had to amend three employees BIK from january to march in the previous tax year i followed the instructions and rolled back the three periods it told me to just submit one adjustment and that although the month 12 adjustment shows in the viewer it would send HMRC the full adjustment in the totals however i can't see that when i run the ytd p32 it is only accounting for the month 12 adjustment have i missed a step? do i need to submit the final year end submission again for it to include month 10 and mth11?

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    Hi Cheryl,

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    The P32 is designed to run for one tax month at a time - if you run it for M10 and M11 individually have the figures for those months changed as expected? If not, did you process the corrected BIK amount in Jan and Feb too?


    John Howells
    Sage UKI