Sage Business Cloud asked me to submit my first Monthly VAT return with two months worth of transactions in one submission

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Hi All

I applied for my company to be VAT registered on 2 May 2019 and subscribed to submit VAT return monthly as the Company would expect repayment on every VAT return. I only received my VAT registration number on 26 June 2019. As the deadline for May 2019 approaches (7 July 2019), I quickly subscribed to Sage Business Cloud and MTD straight away (with waiting time, activation, entry transactions etc) on 7 July 2019 I completed the entries for May 19 and hit "calculate' and about to submit via MTD, then the note appeared to say that HMRC would like me to submit for June 19 as it was then, due. I then entered the entries and submit both returns in one go on 7 July 2019 hoping that both May and June submissions will go on separate path on HMRC's MTD captured system.

Few days after that, I found out that on HMRC Gateway for the company, showed that May 19 was not submitted and now overdue. I called HMRC helpline whether they can assist but they asked me to refer back to Sage and get some help on how to go about it. Phone calls to Sage was as frustrating calls to HMRC so here I am asking the Sage City members for solution.

Alternatively, HMRC Helpline advised me to submit the correction on VAT 627 (I think, please help me to identify the right form). Though this form will take HMRC up to 21 days to confirm the correction and the Company will suffer major cashflow issue if this not resolve sooner. As a result of this also I am not able to submit July 19 VAT return as the window keep frozen, hang and return back to VAT page again and again after several attempts, which is frustrating.

I am just wondering whether any one out there experience the same issue and would like to share the solution with me.

Any help is just brilliant start for me.

Thank you and kind regards

Faizul Ahmad

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    Hi Faizul

    Thanks for using Sage City. I’m sorry for the delay in my reply, we’ve currently transitioned to a new system and are catching up with answering outstanding queries.


    I am assuming this has now been resolved due to the time scale.

    When producing VAT returns under MTD the HMRC tells the program what the dates of the next expected return are.

    It is always good practice to run the detailed report and check that all of the expected transactions are included before confirming the submission.

    Whilst the return has a ‘Draft’ Status it can be deleted, any corrections made to transactions and then produced again

    Each box on the VAT return has the option to ‘Adjust’. There may be times when a VAT adjustment is required