VAT Return MTD

I am trying to do with third VAT return using MTD - no issues with the first two.

My quarter is Nov 2019 - Jan 2020

My Sage VAT Return is only pulling in data up to end of December 2019 - missing all of January.

Bank feed is on and appears to be correct with today's bank balance.

I have tried deleting my draft return and redoing but it still only is using date up to 31 December - all dates are correct on the return just missing January's figures

Any advice? thanks

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    Hi Rosanne,

    Thanks for using Sage City, I am sorry for the delay in replying to your question.

    There could be a few things that cause this, when you run your VAT return are the dates correct and showing up to the end of January? Depending on your VAT scheme could be by things are not being picked up. If you view this help article on what transactions are picked up depending on your scheme to see if they have all been entered correctly.

    The last thing I can suggest is viewing one of the transactions to make sure it has been entered with a VAT rate and does not have No VAT, if it has No VAT the return will ignore it.

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