Downloading invoices

Posted By FormerMember

Hi All, i dont seem to be able to work out if you can bulk download the invoices

After using Sage now for a while we've realised that we could do with having a PDF copy of each invoice on a computer so that we can search the text within the invoices

The only way i can see for downloading a PDF is to manually do every invoice, but i've already after a few months got 100's to do, if i could do all in one that would be much easier

Can anyone help?

  • Hi Joe,

    You can download up to 15 invoices in one go from Accounting. From the invoice list, you just need to tick the ones you want to print.

    Once selected, above the column headers, you will see the icon for PDF. Select this and it will open a new tab with a PDF copy of each of those selected invoices.

    Unfortunately 15 is the max that can be done at a time. But it will definitely be a lot quicker than each invoice individually.

    Thank you,