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We have been a member of Sage for a number of years 20 plus and as you are probably aware, everything is moving to cloud based programs, we have around 10 users and previously your only online cloud based system was limited to one. I have now seen that Sage accounting has been released for more than one user, and it looked to be the perfect solution. We have downloaded a trial to test drive the software only to find out you cannot raise a Purchase Order. How is this possible? Its a pretty standard worldwide requirement that when ordering goods a purchase order needs to be raised so I am flabbergasted as to how this is not part of the software, using a 3rd party app to do something as basic as raising a purchase order is ludicrous and its embarrassing that a basic accounts package does not have a feature that is used by millions of companies worldwide everyday. Was this an oversite or is there really no intention of this basic feature being added to an accounts package you developed?   

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    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for using Sage City.

    You're quite correct, there is currently no functionality in Sage Accounting for raising and processing purchase orders. There is an item on the product wish list for this feature that you can upvote here > our software developers do refer to the wish list when they add to the product.

    I'm presuming that you are currently using Sage 50 Accounts as a desktop based solution, our cloud product that features Purchase Orders is Sage Intacct, you can read more about that product and download a brochure here >

    Thanks again for your post, and I'll make sure your comments are passed on to the Sage Accounting team.


    Sage UKI

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    Do you not think that is ridiculous and a basic accountancy feature? 

    Sage intacct is a very very expensive solution just to have a cloud based software program that is capable of raising purchase orders, quickbooks, xero etc.... all have this facility on there most basic packages. 

    Also thank you for the link, i can see that someone requested purchase orders to be raised over 2 years ago so they should probably take another look at the list.

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    Thanks Matt, I can certainly see why you want this feature and why it's important to your business, I've already passed a link to this thread on to the team so that they can consider it further. Appreciate you taking the time to post about it.