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  • my nominal link is not picking up of my employees?

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    Hi Nicola,

    Are you using Sage Business Cloud Payroll (formerly Sage One), or are you using Sage 50cloud Payroll?

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    Thanks Nicola,

    Please use the link in my original post to ensure your query is put to the correct channel as this forum is for Sage Business Cloud.

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    Minimum wage window popping up, but nothing has changed since last week so why now?

  • When will the P60 function be available for 2019/20 and the new tax year of 20/21 be available 

  • hi, i am using business cloud payroll & am new to it. I have been thrown in at the deep end. Ive just done my claim for employment allowance for £4k, i put this amount in state aid, is this correct? thanks

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    I'm new to this a bit too.  I dont understand employment allowance scheme, I own a small hair salon , can u explain what it is?

  • Hello, does anybody know if we need to recalculate March payroll to include Furlough? I only ask as I need to process end of year and P60s and am aware that if it is included after March 31st it will appear in the following years tax returns for employees? I hope that makes sense? Thanks

  • Hi all,

    Im ussing sage business cloud accounting and payroll. Manage to do my firs pay run, bunt not sure what i need to to with the wages bank transactions that i got in the bank feeds. from what i read, i need to discard those transaction. Just want to make sure that i`m doing the correct thing.

    thank you

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    I know it's a bit late (with the year almost up).

    The Employer Allowance was created a few years ago but the entitlement to it was changed at the beginning of 20/21 so that it only benefitted small employers.  If your total employer Class 1 NI bill for 2019/20 was less than £100,000 you could apply for the EA which then exempted you from the first £4,000 er NI costs.  If your total er NI bill in the year is less than £4,000 you end up not having to pay any er NI to HMRC.  Prior to 2020/21 the EA was automatically given to all employers.

    The information in Sage seemed to disagree with the HMRC information in that HMRC says they won't send a letter to tell you your application was accepted (only if it failed) whereas Sage said to expect one (regardless).

    Once you tell Sage you have received the allowance it will allocate the £4,000 allowance to your NI payments (as will HMRC), reducing the amount on the P32 reporting the amount you need to send to HMRC.

    I think HMRC will retrospectively apply the EA if you apply later in the year so for a small employer you could actually end up in credit at HMRC - check your account at HMRC with your Gateway login.

    The EA could be seen as State Aid in certain business areas and has to be declared as such (I don't work in such a field and so an't comment further).


  • Could I suggest adding a feature? It would be very useful to be able to export payroll data over a one year period, the period defined as either a start/end date or, if easier, all periods in a payroll year. I need all the usual fields (gross, net, NI, PAYE tax Ee pens, Er pens, Vol deduction, Net pay, etc) for every employee for every pay period.

    In terms of the existing u/i one way would be to add an "(all)" option in the Period drop-down.e.g.

    Tax year: 2021/2022
    Frequency: Weekly
    Period: (all)

    plus an extra report that includes both the payslip fields and the employer costs.

    We do our own annual accounts and CTR, so exporting data is needed to reconcile payroll data with bank payments, HMRC payments, Nest pension payments, attachment of earnings, etc. at year-end We pay weekly, and currently the only way to get the data is to export both the Payslip Summary and Employer Costs reports as csv files for each week, then collect it all together in Excel. That is 52 x 2 = 104 exports for the whole year. It would obviously be very helpful to be able to this as a single export (as was possible in the old Sage Cloud50 system).