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A new branch of your online community is here!

We've created a brand new area of Sage City, just for you

The Business Advice hub connects like-minded people from small and medium-sized companies with each other, and business experts. It’s a friendly and supportive online community where we can share knowledge, discuss challenges, build relationships, and navigate the highs and lows of business - together. 

The Business Hub is a place to: 

  • Attend world-class virtual business events run by industry specialists, thought leaders, and innovators.
  • Get advice from other business people, industry leaders, and Sage Experts via the online forums.
  • Get tried and tested advice and expertise to take your business to the next level with 1:1 peer support via the ‘find a member’ feature.

This is your place to connect, give and receive support, and thrive. Discover the Business Advice hub.

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What is Deborah Meaden’s secret to thriving in a changing world?

Join us as businesswoman, entrepreneur, and Dragon’s Den investor, Deborah Meaden, shares her thoughts on the secret to successful business resilience so your business can thrive.

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