New Employee joined and left after 2 days

We had a new employee start working with us on Monday 21st and they left yesterday.  Because they were only with us for 2 days I have looked to see what I need to do regarding pay and I have come across this on the Government website, but I can’t seem to make the required change in Sage.   It won’t let me change the Tax Code to just OT and also I don’t have IO in the dropdown for pay frequency.

Employees you only pay once

You operate PAYE differently for employees you only pay once.

Set up a payroll record with their full name and address. If you give them a payroll ID, make sure it’s unique.

When you send your Full Payment Submission (FPS):

  • use tax code ‘0T’ on a ‘Week 1’ or ‘Month 1’ basis
  • put ‘IO’ in the ‘Pay frequency’ field
  • do not put a start or leaving date

Give your employee a statement showing their pay before and after deductions, and the payment date, for example a payslip or a letter. Do not give them a P45.

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    Hi Ashni,

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    The advice you are quoting relates to a similar but different situation where you have an employee who you only ever intended to pay once.

    The situation you describe sounds like the employee was expected to stay long term but left after only 2 days working. In this case you would process them as normal - choosing the starting basis from either the P45 or completing a starter checklist.

    Depending on the leave date you may need to enter this after processing the payroll.

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