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I have a leaver who worked just 35 hours for current pay run. her manager approved to pay 91 hours as an annual leave. I checked my payment and deduction setting, I don't have a payment with a annual leave. there are already two categories that I get confused which one is more match with annual leave payment. there are Holiday Pay and Payment in Leui. should I added a new payment to this setting as an annual leave? 

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    Thank you for using the  Community Hub.

    You can create an Annual Leave payment,.

    This  makes the reason for the payment obvious to the employee.

    1. Select Settings.
    2. Select Payments & Deductions.
    3. Select Payments.
    4. Select Create New Payment.

    To pay the employee showing the 92 hours leave:

    1. Payment Category - Holiday Pay
    2. Payment Type - Hourly holiday pay
    3. Change the name field to Annual Leave
    4. If you want to subject the payment to pension deductions, tick the relevant boxes.

    The payment will be available to add to the employee in the Edit Pay window of the payment run.

    I have a link to our help article below so you have something to refer to in future.

    Create and manage payments

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