Employees who have been 'on hold' for a long time



Happy New Year!!

Please could someone let me know what the process is with employees who have been 'on hold' for a long time - i.e. over a year? Do HMRC keep them on their system when nothing is being reported for them? Should we be marking them as leavers after a certain amount of time?

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    Hi Nichola,

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    HMRC won't necessarily make any assumptions regarding the employees working status.

    HMRC are informed about your new starters in the first FPS submitted when they are first paid. 

    HMRC will assume they are still employed by you until an FPS containing their leave date is received.

    The best thing to do is speak to HMRC to let them know of the situation for the individuals.

    They will most likely ask you to add a leave date into the employee payroll record, as they will then receive "official" confirmation of the leavers status via your next FPS. 

    HMRC may also have a preference for which leave date you actually use.  

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    Nigel Thompson

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