Sage Payroll - Are the new National Insurance Rates applied automatically from January 2024?

New Employee & Directors National Insurance rates changed in 1st Payroll Jan 2024. Are these applied automatically?

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    Hi, thanks for using Sage Community Hub.

    The software has been updated and will calculate the new National Insurance reduction from 6th January 2024.

    Please see more information here.


    Paula Bowron

    Sage UKI

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    Hi, our payroll was done on 29th December.  Sage calculated the NI deducted from a director at 12%.  We submitted our FPS yesterday (18th January) and this calculated it at 11.5%, which is obviously correct, as the 11.5% applies to the whole year.  Payslip has now been corrected and director/employee will receive a refund of the extra in next pay run.  Just in case anyone else noticed a discrepancy.