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Hi all,

When I ran payroll for an employee a Line below Gross Pay called "correction" appeared with an amount in it, there was no correction needed, however there was no way of deleting this, does anyone know the reason why this was added in?


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    Hi Denise,

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    It sounds like there may be a payment or deduction set up with a formula, which is automatically calculating an amount and appearing on the employee’s payroll.

    To check this click Company/Payroll, then click Payments or Deductions. Check for an element called Correction, then check at the bottom to see if there’s a formula. If there is, remove it.

    That should resolve the issue, although you may need to delete the timesheet first to refresh it.

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    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your answer.

    Is this the screen you are talking about?



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    Hi Denise,

    From that screenshot it looks like you're using Sage Payroll (Sage Business Cloud). I'll move your post to the forum for that product so we can get an answer for you.

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    Hi Denise, 

    Corrections appear on your pay run because a previously submitted pay run has been edited. In some cases the correction should remain, and in other cases the correction will need to be reversed.

    To find out more we have a really great guide that explains why corrections appear and how to deal with them here >

    Hopefully this will be sufficient to resolve your query, however if you do need any further support please let us know. 

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    Hi In relation to your answer here, I was looking at how to find the reason for the correction when I don't have a saved report for that month. I am using Sage Payroll Ireland and the option for "View FPS" is not available. Can you explain where to find this on Sage Business Cloud Payroll for Ireland? Thanks Suzanne

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    Hi Suzanne, 

    As you are using Sage Business Cloud Payroll for Ireland, submissions are dealt with differently - you won't have an FPS.

    The most likely reason for the correction is that the payroll was completed and submitted, then a change was made to the pay run. If your employee was paid the correct amount in real life and the pay run reflects what they were paid in real life, this means you can be confident in reversing the correction on your current pay run. 

    If you're still not confident, you might want to contact our technical support team. You can find out how to get in touch here >

    I hope that helps. 


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