Employees stopped receiving Payslips via email suddenly


Hi everyone.

I'm wondering if anyone has had this issue and what the solution was.

I email all of the payslips out in bulk from sage once a pay run is completed.

2 of my staff suddenly stopped getting the emails after having previously received them. 
The issue didn't happen to both employees at the same time - and one of the employees has since left. However, another employee suddenly stopped getting payslips last October and hasn't gotten one since unless I download and email to them directly.

Does anyone know what's going on here and how to fix it?

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    Hi Rebecca,

    Thank you for using Sage City.

    If you haven't already tried this, go to the Employees tab, select the Pay document Preferences tab.

    Select Print and then Save.

    Go back into the Employee record and set the employee back to Email. Enter a password (8 characters or more) and select Save.

    You can now try emailing a payslip by selecting Pay Runs, select a pay period from the list, and select the employee.

    You can email a payslip by selecting the "Email a payslip to employee" icon next to the employees name.

    If this doesn't work, go back to the Employees tab and select the employee.

    Select Change email address

    In the employee email address field, add +1 just before the @ sign of the employee email address.

    For example, [email protected] would become [email protected] , Save Changes and select OK.

    Select Save and try sending another email payslip from the Pay Runs tab.

    Between the two options above, this should get the email payslip facility working for your employee,

    Kind regards,


    Sage UKI