Som say it's Sage Ransomware, Is this legal ?

I have been using Sage for 40 years, having upgraded many times,. Helping Sage to become the company they are today. My reward is that Sage are going to shut down my software for my business unless I pay a monthly ransom. Because that is what it is. It is like being hacked and told to acess your data you have to pay a monthly fee.  Eventhough the Software that I am using was paid for many times over the years.I would be interested what your thoughts are. I am sure that this decision by Sage will have detremental effect on the business. Showing that it does not care for the businesses that put them where thay are today. It is all about making money and reneging on the loyalty of businesses that have supported them. They CAN if they wanted to solve this issue, but they choose not too. October 1st will be an interesting day with the negative feedback about Sage as well as potential lawsuits for businesses unable to operate. Also the ramifications of years of data unacessable to businesses and HMRC. I am looking forward to your reply....

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    Hi Paul.

    I have spoken to the Loyalty team on several occasions. The scripted answer is always the same...

    Microsoft are to blame ( don't think thats right)

    It is'nt Sages fault  (er.. yes).Sage are choosing to shut down the use of the protocol on the 30th September.

    Paul this is all down to Sage trying to squeeze money out of the loyal customer base. 

    Sage have decided that they want everybody on subscription.

    They do not want to supply a patch. They are supplying a PATCH for SAGE LINE200

    The protocol that is being used (1.3) to replace the older version (1.0 & 1.1) was available TEN YEARS ago.

    Sage carried on using the older protocol knowing full well that at some point the older version was going to be replaced.

    They kept selling Upgrades to Perpetual License users.

    I upgraded 4 years ago. (the understanding is that there should be 15 years use of any purchased software)

    In one conversations, the loyalty team said that even Apple stop support for their iPhones and iOS.

    Yes True......but you can still use your phone even though it's not supported.

    The only reason that this is being used is for Sage to check that the Version that one logs into is a legitmate Version.

    It has nothing whatsoever to do with the owners of the software being able to use their Data or the Perpetual Licence that they paid for.

    It is only for Sages benefit.

    This is nothing other than BAD PUBLICITY for Sage.

    There was on the 13th August 2022 an Article in THE TIMES about Sage and their CEO (your boss) Steve Hare.

    The HEADLINE.........


    More like ROUND THEIR NECK unless they pay a monthly fee to keep operating.

    As the Heading says....


    It is like being hacked and having to pay to be able to retrieve your Data

    We await the repercussions of this....

    Like I said I have spoken to Loyalty / Sales people that have a script to follow...

    The solution is Solve this issue Honestly and Respect the Customers / Businesses that invested in your Software for many Years.

    Instead of Blackmailing them.

    I still await a requested return phone call from the DECISION makers..

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    I would be interested to know the outcome on this is you could update 


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    If you contact our Loyalty team here, they'll be able to escalate your query through their channels. They'll then arrange a callback for you from one of their Managers to discuss this further.



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    Hi Paul

    I have spoken to Sage on at least three different occasions,making my feelings known.

    In fact I had a phone yesterday, not to discuss this issue but to try and get me to sign up.

    Again I asked that they pass the coversation I had with them (it was confirmed that it was being recorded) upwards. The person said that tey would pass it on to their managers.

    I think the reason I have not had a call back thus far, is maybe the actions being taken by Sage are INDEFENSIBLE.

    It has taken (Pau)l Sage 10 days to reply to my initial post.

    As with my previous post.....

    I still await a requested return phone call from the DECISION makers..

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    I've sent you a PM.


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