Applied for VAT no number yet need to start invoicing with VAT

HI I have a client who has applied for VAT registration from the 1st of October, it is under review at HMRC but we need to start invoicing on Sage with VAT (CIS and reverse charge scheme) is this possible without a VAT number and can my client start putting in the purchase invoices with the VAT split as well, without the VAT registration part filled in on Sage (online sage) and if this is possible how is it done?

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    Hi Tracey, 

    Thanks for your post. 

    I appreciate your situation, unfortunately in order to post any transactions with VAT you must enter a VAT Number and select the VAT Scheme your client is using. If you process on the wrong VAT scheme or with an invalid VAT number you would not be able to amend those transactions, instead you would need to re-raise them . I'm afraid at this stage you will need to wait until you have received the relevant info from HMRC. 

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