Sage Personal tax - HMRC filing improvements suggestions

When a return has been authorised for online filing by a client it is necessary to confirm the date of approval before the system allows the filing of the return.  So you have to open then return and enter the date in the submission screen.

Th submission screen then needs the tax return viewer to be closed and to continue by clicking the “FBI  button”. My suggestion is – why can the FBI button not be available without having to close the tax return viewer – like it is in partnership tax. At present we have to close the return, click the filing button, file the return and then you have to open the return again to see the submission confirmation before closing the return again. An unnecessary closing and opening of the return

In addition the button that needs clicking to file the return is not called the “FBI button” – is still called the “Filing button”  a basic lack of checking was clearly missed in the testing! Please call them the same  - one or the other.