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ALERT: New Flash Component Hotfix for X3 V12 Patch 23 and below

Reminder: Flash components will be deprecated on all browsers on December 31st.

Sage strongly recommends updating your Sage X3, Sage X3 HR & Payroll or Sage X3 Warehousing instances to 2020 R4 to benefit from the technical replacement of Flash.

For customers who are not able to update to 2020 R4 before the end of the year, here are the instructions:

  • Update Syracuse to the latest available Syracuse Server (Syracuse 12.9.1 at least)
  • Install the following hotfixes depending on your current application level (available in the X3V12\Patches\FlashUpdate folder):
    • If your application is 12.0.23 (2020 R3): You must install the following hotfix: 
      Sage X3: 
    • If your application is 12.0.22 or 12.0.21 (2020 R2 or 2020 R1), you must install the following hotfixes:
      Sage X3: and 

NOTE: Those hotfixes must be installed using the classic Development > Utilities > Patches > Patch Integration function. Unzip the files into the .dat patches and install them as usual.