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ALERT: X3 Work centre deletion not completed & unable to save a replacement work centre or a capacity variation 2020 R4

If the optimization code is added to a work centre the work centre cannot be deleted completely. Text information description long and short, variations and replacement work centres are not deleted.

After saving changes, the "Variations" and "Replacement" data are still displayed on the screen but are not inserted in the tables CPAVAR and RPLWST. After refreshing the "Variations" and "Replacement", data disappears from the screen but is still not inserted in the 2 tables. On a Work Centre which has already variations or replacements recorded, the recording of the new changes erases the existing data (variations and replacements)

Affected version is 2020 R4 (12.0.24).

This is scheduled to be fixed in version 2021 R1 (12.0.25)

A hotfix has been released to resolve this issue in the affected version (2020 R4). To obtain the hotfix, please contact your local support team, referencing "X3-229040" in your request for the hotfix.