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INFO : Version 2023 R1 (12.0.33) is now available

Sage X3 2023 R1 (12.0.33) is now available. Please refer to the Sage X3 Latest Patches article for more details.

Please review the Sage X3 12.0.33 Release Notes. Be sure to check both the "New" and "Changes" tabs. You can also review the What's New section on the Online Help (New "How to guides" list).   All "How to guides" are published in the Sage X3 technical help.

As always, make sure to:

  • Test the application update in a test environment
  • Test the technical component updates in a test environment
  • Perform a backup of your application before running the update.

You can also use PatchFinder to view the contents of this patch, the latest version is available on the Sage UKI FTP site.