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ALERT: VAT return >>> Issue when the session is closed on the trace of the real declaration

Please be aware of a known issue when Extracting data on the Vat return

⇒ Actual behaviour/Summary

In the case of :

  1. Creation of a VAT return in simulation mode.
  2. Extraction: everything is OK
  3. Change from simulation to real mode
  4. Extraction: When the trace is displayed, the session is closed (WITHOUT LEAVING THE TRACE), as if the user stayed on the page and it closes by itself, or crashes

⇒ Impact

The declaration still exists but :

  • the query numbers for the real VAT do not appear in the "Query No' window (table VATFRMENTN empty for these query numbers)
  • the VAT amount has been updated on the concerned accounting document
  • tables DCLVATBOXDBD and DCLVATBOXPYD filled in for the Query N° present in the trace of the real declaration
  • we can delete this declaration which was made in real
    OR :
  • we can restart in simulation or real and all the amounts appear at zero in the "VAT to declare" table

⇒ Workaround: No workaround

⇒ Solution: fix included in 2023 R2 (12.0.34)

Please contact the X3 Support team if you require a hotfix compatible with your current Patch ( must be compliant with the Life Cycle Policy)