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ALERT : Security Related Syracuse Server Hotfix Released

A security risk has been detected within Sage X3 that may impact customers using Sage X3. The security risk is related to the Syracuse component

Sage Partners can find more information in the Sage X3 Global Hub announcements News & Alerts - Sage X3 Global Hub - Community Hub

Please make sure the following instructions are carefully reviewed for all customers: 

  • Please review the updated security guidelines in the Sage X3 Online Help 

Sage provides a set of guidelines outlining best practices for securely deploying Sage X3. Sage recommends that customers review these guidelines to ensure that Sage X3 is deployed securely. Please refer to the current security best practice recommendations available via the Sage X3 Online Help Center. 

  • Syracuse Server security fixes are available on the Sage X3 UK FTP Portal 

SyracuseServer fixes security issues for 2023 R1  

SyracuseServer fixes security issues for 2023 R2

More detailed information can be found on the Global Hub Security Syracuse Server Hotfixes - News & Alerts - Sage X3 Global Hub