Use API SOAP from .Net Core

Hello everybody,

We are making an app for the Mafesa plant and it is in .Net Core because it suited us but we find the problem that we can not make SOAP requests as we did from other apps in .Net framework.

When we reference the WSDL the CAdxWebServiceXmlCCService class does not matter.

As an alternative we have tried to create a solution where one of the projects (the main one) is our .NET CORE and a second project as a class library with Framework 4.8, so we have added the reference of the WDSL service of SAGE in this project with 4.8 and we want to instantiate the dll from the .NET CORE and thus does matter the class CAdxWebServiceXmlCCService but it also gives us error when using it.

Do you know why it's happening to us? 

Is there any Sage restriction to use this from .Net core?

Thanks in advance.