Formula Wizard

Is it possible to add a view to the list of tables available when writing a formula for the function FUNCALREO. If I create a formula under the heading consumption reorder calculation the only tables are ITMFACILIT and ITMMASTER. I have tried to add the table stock and whilst I can add it it is only visible until the formula is saved. If I go back into that formula the table Stock is no linger visible.

I would like to add to this a view I have written

Any assistance would be appreciated.



  • Hi Andrew,

    If you're invoking the Formula Wizard from the screen, the formula isn't going to be saved anywhere. 

    If you're looking for the official abbreviations for Tables, they can be found in the Online Help, Technical Help, Table Dictionary on the right-hand side.

    If you have more precise requirements, it may be useful to discuss this with your Business Partner to see if they can provide a solution.