Part Payment Allocation

Hi all

I have a receipt in GBP for a CAD debtor account for two invoices. The amount received was only part paid by 90% for both invoices due to withholding tax deduction. How to I part allocate this payment by the amount i want it to? It is driving me mad! 



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    Hello Karina,

    When selecting the open items from the left list, you will see the whole amount outstanding on the invoice populated into the 'Amount' column.  This can be changed to the amount you wish to allocate to each line.  I have put an example below where I have 2 invoices for 10,000 each and my receipt for 18,0000 has been distributed by allocating 9,000 to each invoice.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards, Lisa

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    Thanks Lisa

    I really appreciate your help. If I have already posted the receipt to the customer account how would I match it in "Manual Matching" screen 



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    Hi Karina,

    If you select the lines you wish to match and then click on the 'matching' button.

    In this example I have posted a 2,000 on account and then come into the manual matching screen.  I've selected 2 invoices and the receipt.  When I click on the matching button the new window has automatically allocated the 2,000 but it has allowed me to go and redistribute the values in the 'Allocation' column.

    Kind regards, Lisa