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Important: SQL Server PowerShell module

Important alert: 
Do not use SQL Server module version 22.x with Sage X3 until further notice. Use SQL Server 21.1.18256 only. 

PowerShell 7.2+ is a prerequisite for Sage X3, along with the SQL Server module for PowerShell. 
SQL Server module version 22.0.59 has been released recently and will be downloaded by default if you install the SQL Server module without any version specified. 

SQL Server module version 22.x will not work with the Sage X3 Management Console because of changes in the way SQL Server connects to the database.

Please use SQL Server version 21.1.18256 (last production version before 22.x) when downloading the SQL Server module, using the following command in PowerShell as an Administrator: 

Install-Module -Name SqlServer -RequiredVersion 21.1.18256 -Scope AllUsers

If you have already installed SQL Server 22.x, please uninstall it, and reinstall SQL Server 21.1.18256 using the following sequence of commands in PowerShell as an Administrator: 

Uninstall-module SQLServer -Force -Verbose 

Install-Module -Name SqlServer -RequiredVersion 21.1.18256 -Scope AllUsers 

You can also use the Install-Module command to overwrite a previous version:

Install-Module -Name SQLServer -AllowClobber 

You can use the following command to verify which version of the SQL Server module you are running: 

Get-Module SqlServer -ListAvailable

NOTE: Please make sure you restart the Sage X3 Management Console if it was running during the uninstallation and reinstallation of the SQL Server module.