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Web Scheduling version 2023.1.12

Web Scheduling version 2023.1.12 is now available, this new version includes the GraphQL API Integration and it's only compatible with Sage X3 2023 R2.

Preinstallation recommendations:

(We recommend the installation to be done from scratch.)

Complete the dedicated training.
Installations without customization:

  • Uninstall your current sedApta version;
  • Install sedApta version 2023.1.12 from scratch (or upgrade it).

Installations with customization or with an advanced setup:

  • Read the documentation prior to installation;
  • Alternatively, contact your Business support partner for advice and guidance.

This version includes GraphQL API integration and it's only compatible with Sage X3 2023 R2.

Be sure to correctly fill in the data during the installation: GraphQL API URL, Client, and Secret ID.

By default, this interface is not activated. Switching from the json integration to GraphQL APIs is possible by running the dedicated Windows Services (Sage X3 interface GraphQL) and disabling the Sage_X3_interface.

Web Scheduling version 2023.1.12  is available in portal

(Release Notes included)