A round up of articles about coding for the library and documents

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The document upload into Sage CRM is designed to allow the easy upload of files on an Ad Hoc basis. The document upload feature (at the time of writing this article) differs slightly depending on which browser you use. But it can be time consuming to add groups of files to company and person records if there are a large number of existing files that need importing.

There may customer requirements to store relatively large numbers of documents associated with a company, person or opportunity record outside the main librabry mechanism.

The articles below summarize the way in which a developer can approach working with the library.

Note: This is a first attempt to bring these articles together and there have been several important changes to the software over recent versions. I welcome any comments that you may have on the individual articles and how this topic can be improved and expanded.

About the library and how documents are stored in Sage CRM

Moving files and adding them to the library

Coding with the Interface

Older articles about cataloguing and indexing files (read the comments)