An Example Custom Gadget for the Interactive Dashboard

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This is the first a series of articles.

Sage CRM allows customers and partners to create new Custom Gadgets for the Interactive Dashboard. Custom gadgets can be used in the both the My CRM and Company Dashboard context.

The sample Gadget shows how to make use of the exposed Interactive Dashboard API and how Custom Gadgets can communicate with other Gadgets in the Dashboard.

These new methods include

  • SageCRM.scrmGetSageCrmOwner()
  • SageCRM.scrmRegisterEvent()
  • SageCRM.scrmPublishEvent()
  • SageCRM.scrmGetGadgetProperty()
  • SageCRM.scrmSetGadgetProperty()
  • SageCRM.scrmSaveGadgetProperties()

The code for the gadget can be written in JavaScript executed in the browser.

The exposed methods allow the custom gadget to listen to events from other gadgets and then pass data to other gadgets. The data is passed in JSON format.

The files themselves can be stored in any web site accessible to Sage CRM. You can add the file to custompage for example.


C:\Program Files\Sage\CRM\[installname]\WWWRoot\CustomPages

The files that you use can be static HTML, or dynamic like ASP/ASPX pages.

The files is then added to the Interactive Dashboard as a WebSite Gadget