Mailchimp Logs and Settings

Less than one minute read time.

The Mailchimp configuration settings are available in the metadata table custom_SysParams.

You can inspect these using the query

select * from Custom_SysParams where Parm_Name like '%MailChimp%'

The integration is carried out by the main CRM webapp. 

The webapp logging levels for the MailChimp Integration are controlled in logging file:

On the same Sage CRM server file has changed location and name

<Sage CRM installation folder>\tomcat\webapps\<InstallName>j\WEB-INF\classes\log4j2.xml



<logger name="com.sage.crm.mailchimp" additivity="false" level="ERROR">
<appender-ref ref="mailchimp" />

The logs should be output to the Logs\mailchimp.log file

C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\CRM\CRM\Logs

Fiddler can be used to monitor the traffic to the Mailchimp server using Mailchimp's RESTful API.

The information is passed between Sage CRM and Mailchimp in JSON format instead of XML. The messages will have the typical structure.

Request body: {"apikey":"73e0b89dc278f402dd06c253ad547915-us9"}
Response body: {"msg":"Everything's Chimpy!"}