Sage CRM -> Sage 300 (2020 – 2021) integration troubleshooting guide and reference

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This article will serve as a multiple part article on the most common troubleshooting tips for Sage CRM to Sage 300 integration. It will be released in stages and this main article, the roundup article, will be updated with links to the relevant steps as the new articles get released. This guide is to serve as a quick reference to all steps needed to help troubleshoot common problems in the integration related to incorrect or incomplete setup of the integration tools and processes.

Steps to diagnose:

  1. Sage 300 setup and checks
  2. Installing the component on Sage CRM
  3. Create the Sage 300 company on Sage CRM
  4. Change the Sage 300 user credentials on Sage CRM
  5. Synchronize tables
  6. Change Sage 300 Database credentials on Sage CRM
  7. Import Customer/Vendors
  8. Promote Customer/Vendor
  9. Open/Create a Quote or Order in Sage CRM
  10. Uninstalling the integration

This article is written for Sage 300 2020 - 2021, as there might be changes in the upcoming versions of Sage 300 that changes this process, however in older versions like Sage 300 2019, most of these steps are still applicable even if Sage 300 2019 uses a slightly different way of integration.

Edit - This was originally a 9 step, but has now become a 10 step since some valuable feedback. Where a reference to 9 steps are made, please note the last one was added recently.

  •  I would like some insight into the currency synchronisation. The do's and don'ts etc. The reason I ask is that I have a customer that has CRM synced to several Sage companies. Between the Sage companies, there are 3 with different currencies. The base currency in CRM is GBP and synching the currencies appears to be a bit strange. When doing the initial currency sync, I forgot to uncheck the base currency so that caused me a problem which I solved. The problem is that if you sync everything but the base currency you still get duplicates in the system which is a problem. Can you offer some clarity on this area? Something about the national accounts import and what it does would be interesting as well. I've never done it and never needed to but a bit of background on it would be good. Thanks for taking the time on these articles. They're very useful.

  • A great set of articles. Thanks for taking the time to do them. I think they might need some tweaking. A section on the Sage CRM Setup from within Sage 300 would be good. A how to on setting passwords for the CRM user that is created by the integration.

  • Looking forward to this being completed!!

  • Hi Vega,
    That's a good idea. I think adding an extra point at the end of how to uninstall the integration will be very beneficial. Thank you so much for the feedback 

  • I am so glad that this set of articles is being written. The integration is such a pain. Once you have completed it, do you think that you could get hold of the integration guide PDF document and rewrite it to correct it? There is stuff that is missing from it. Some information in it is just wrong. Some information will actually cause you to break the integration! It's a dreadful document. You also need to create something that explains how to reinstall the integration completely.