Sage CRM 2023 R1: SDK Improvements - New SDK Installer available

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Sage is working to make sure that Sage CRM has APIs that are open, standard-based, and free to developers and ISVs. Sage wants the Sage CRM APIs to be used to integrate Sage CRM with Sage Accounting Products and become part of an ever-expanding ecosystem.

There are 3 easy elements to Sage's product strategy for Sage CRM which we hope are simple and straight to the point.

  • We want to provide an integrated CRM with a modernised UI.
  • We want to give our customers a modern user experience & eliminate pain points.
  • We want to provide better integration points for 3rd party solutions.

Although the changes in Sage 2023 R1 have mainly focused on extending the Email and Contact Import feature that we introduced in Sage CRM 2022 R2 and on completing the refreshment of the main user interface, we have also added a brand new feature called the Company Narrative that will generate an executive summary of all interactions with a company in Near Natural Language using Deterministic AI.

This feature has been developed using our .NET API.  The Sage CRM .NET API allows a developer to extend Sage CRM functionality by creating and using .NET DLLs.

There is a new SDK Installer for Sage CRM with revised C# snippets. The SDK Installer will be compatible with all currently supported versions of Sage CRM 2023.

Please note that support for Sage CRM 2020 will end on 30th September 2023. 

To install the Sage CRM .NET SDK:

  1. Download the Sage CRM .NET SDK installation package.
  2. Extract the contents of the downloaded .zip file to a temporary folder on your local disk drive.
  3. Run the Sage CRM 2023 SDK v1.0.exe file and complete the wizard that starts.