Sage CRM 2023 R1: UX Improvements - Downloading, editing and re-uploading documents, spreadsheets and other files

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In Sage CRM 2023 R1, there is no longer a need for users to install a plugin to access and modify files that are attached to a Company or Community record, or files created using the Mail Merge feature.

Instead, users can now download the file to their local device, open and make changes to it using the appropriate application installed on their computer, and then upload the edited file back to Sage CRM.

This improvement enables users to edit files using any web browser that is supported by Sage CRM.

Note: This feature has not been extended to cover the editing of shared documents.

Editing a document created during a merge.

You can carry out a Merge to Word or Merge to PDF. You can then select the mail merge template you want to use and complete the merge.

At the point you get the screen below, you can then click 'View/Edit the file'.

The file will be downloaded. You can specify the default download folder in Login and session preferences. At this point, you can open the file and make the edit you need.

The name of the edited file you are uploading must match the file name displayed in the Sage CRM user interface. Windows may have renamed the file during the download if the target folder already contained a file with the same name. If so, rename the file before uploading it.

But you can then continue to save the document and if wanted to create an associated communication.

Downloading and Editing a document in the library

A user can navigate to the document in the library of a primary entity. They will see a View/Edit File button. This will download the document and invite the user to then be able to edit the document before saving back into the system.