Sage CRM 2023 R2: What to Expect

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The local Sage teams and integration partners should have completed their integration testing today Monday, 18th September 2023. We are on target for the release of Sage CRM 2022 R2 to the Sage regions on Friday 29th September 2023.

Note: The exact release date in your country will be determined by your local Sage team as the final processes go to market preparations will need to be confirmed.

The changes in Sage 2023 R2 have focused on improving the User Experience and improving the integration with Microsoft Exchange. There have also been some important security changes and the deterministic AI feature of the Company Narrative is now translated into French, German and Spanish.

Features implemented in this release include:

UI Improvements

  • Localised Company Narrative Summary
  • Rectangular Pipeline – Suppress stages with 0 records.
  • Open Multiple Read-only Tabs

Exchange Integration Improvements

  • Support for single tenant in OAuth 2.0
  • Set default timestamp for imported emails
  • New columns when importing emails (Distinguish between Sent/Inbox)

General Admin Improvements

  • View workflow rules and actions without disabling workflow

Implementation Improvements

  • Replacement of Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 8 with OpenJRE 8
    Internal Security updates

All these changes have been documented in the Release Notes which will be added to the Help Centre from 29th September 2023.