Suppressing Display of Duplicate Meeting Records in Company and Person Context

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A component that implements this feature can be found in the download folder "Example components and developer resources". You will need to be logged on to the community with the correct rights to be able to access this library of resources.
The image below shows the default behaviour of CRM. I have used the default demo data to produce this. We can see that the users System Administrator and Kylie Ward both attended the same meeting with Kieran O'Toole of Eurolandia. In the standard system the separate diary entries for each user creates a separate row underneath the Company.

This is not necessarily the most attractive way of representing the data. In the image below we can see that the repeated reference to the same meeting in the context of the company has been suppressed. The meeting has one row and the names of the users attending are shown in the right hand column.

This has been produced by simply adding in a new List definition in meta data.

The new List block has to be called CommDedupeList and if it is present in the Meta Data definitions the eWare.dll will use it in place of the standard list when in the context of the company or person.

It does not replace the standard list used in the My CRM or Team areas.

It looks easy enough to add the new Meta Data into the system but be aware that the CommDedupeList has to be based on the vListCommunication view.

Another way of adding the Meta Data definition into the system is via the component manager. The code you need to add in show below

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