Sage CRM 2021: The management of consent.

1 minute read time.

The GDPR which was introduced in 2018 requires that you have evidence of consent from a contact to be marketed to via email, text, calls etc.

In the this article we shall look at the features in Sage CRM that allow you to manage such customer consent.

Sage CRM has a simple consent tracking capability, allowing you to store consent records from customers against their contact record.

Here you can see I am looking at the consent records for a person.

Consent should be recorded for each type of campaign — there is no concept of one consent acceptance covering all interactions.

The screen below shows the consent records for a Lead.

In this case, I have received consent for Email contact associated Sales offers, but the Lead has declined to receive 3rd party offers via post. And I am still waiting to hear whether they are happy to receive phone calls from me.

Consent should also be renewed, for example, every two years.

A new consent record can be created.

And once saved, a new consent email can be sent.

I will cover the creation of creating and sending consent emails in another article.