Upgrading an integrated CRM and Sage 300 environment soon? Useful Links

1 minute read time.

Here at Sage we have all of the information out and availble for one to be able to check all the necessary information required when planning an upgrade. This might seem like simple and silly thing. But I hope this helps some of you be able to find quick links quicker as a lot of the time having so much information at ones grasp can be rather confusing and harder knowing where to start.

A lot of the times when we have request about compatibility our number one issue is people struggle to find the Sage 300 and Sage CRM Integration Compatibility Chart.

This is where one can find it. It is constantly updated and the most accurate Compatibility Matrix when planning out an upgrades.

Sage 300 Product Updates:

This is the best link for all currently supported versions of Sage 300 PUs.

Here locally also in Australia you can reach out directly to our [email protected] team for any other information you might need to access all locally approved PUs in our Sage Box Links.


Lastly I would like to point out to always look up the Sage CRM Integration Guides that can be found within each Product Documents sections for all Sage 300 version.

Combining all three of these sources will allow you to have a great understanding on how to commence planning a proper and correctly compatible Sage CRM and Sage 300 Integrated environment.