Workflow: A round up of 'must read' articles

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Sage CRM Workflow provides a tightly controlled system for how operations tasks are managed and flow through your business. A well‐designed workflow can help you to identify bottlenecks or redundant tasks that require attention.

A team level, Sage CRM Workflow can create tasks and alerts that ensure everyone is following the same best‐ practices and repeatable processes.

You will find many benefits of the Sage CRM Workflow Engine including:

  • Reduce administrative errors
  • Improve business process efficiencies
  • Increase communication and collaboration
  • Create high-quality, targeted marketing communications
  • Track all interactions, including open rates, clicks, and bounces
  • Measure campaign effectiveness and learn from past experience
  • Standardize lead qualification and follow-up protocol
  • Achieve consistency in prospect communication
  • Automate the approval of quotes and discounts
  • Automate and assign rule-based tasks
  • Improve analysis of pipeline progress

There is a large amount of information available that can help you implement a workflow in an implementation of Sage CRM.

How Workflow Works: Articles for System Administrators

Workflow Articles For Developers