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Sage CRM 2022 R2.1 Patch: Released to the regions

An important patch Sage CRM 2022 R2 (Sage CRM 2022 R2.1) was released to the regions today Tuesday, 1st November 2022.

Each Sage region is responsible for scheduling the release of the software in their territory. Please contact your local Sage support team to check when they will give you access to the patch.

This version has delivered the following issues

Import contacts and emails 

  • An email import operation failed with an error “The resource cannot be processed, Comm_ChanneliD – Error – Invalid data”.   
  • The Comm_Organizer value of an imported email was set to the system administrator (1) and not to the user who performed the email import.
  • No territory was assigned to the imported emails.
  • The Comm_Type value of imported emails was erroneously set to Task.
  • When you imported an email whose To field contained two or more email addresses, only the first email address was imported.
  • When you imported an email, the email’s territory was unexpectedly set to None.

Cases, Customization, Integration

  • When you created an order that had custom entity records linked, the create operation failed with an error “Invalid Date Time”.

Quick Find, Search

  • Your search returned no results, even though there were records that satisfied your search criteria. This issue occurred when the format in the region settings in Windows was set to Chinese (Traditional Hong Kong SAR).


  • Thai or Chinese characters appeared as number signs (#) in reports exported to PDF.


  • The patch addresses issues that are relevant to anyone who may be using the Import contacts and emails feature that was introduced in Sage CRM 2022 R2 (Released 2nd September 2022). We recommend that all customers who upgraded to 2022 R2 apply this patch.
  • This patch is not security related and is only for Sage CRM 2022 R2.

The patch download available for your local Sage support team contains a ReadMe file with details and descriptions of all the issues addressed in 2022 R2.1, including two issues related to Thai and Chinese characters.

This article applies to Sage CRM stand-alone and when integrated with Sage accounting products. Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 200, Sage 300, Sage X3 and Sage Intacct.