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Help please!  I want to add a field to what I think is considered the "web picker" on a quote.  Based on my understanding of the new quote screen, the area that I want to add a field to actually is representative of the opportunity record and not the actual quote record. 

I am attempting to accommodate a Co-op relationship where a buyer purchases for a group of members.  Both the buyer and the member need to be represented on the quote and the buyer and the member are represented as a company in Sage CRM.  I am using the Company as the buyer and the For Company as the member.

The For Company is setup as a SSA field on the opportunity record.  The problem that I am having is that the "For Company" is not saving to the opportunity record when the quote is saved.

Currently users are not creating an opportunity and then a quote as the opportunity is an unnecessary step we had hoped to remove.  The system "automatically" creates the opportunity when the quote is saved..but it is not the first step in the sales process.  The actual quote is.

If I make the opportunity the first step, I can add and save the "For Company" there.  Once the oppo is created, I can then go to the quotes tab and create a quote and the "For Company" is automatically populated along with the company and person as this is all saved on the opportunity.

I know I am going to get push back from the client, if I require them to create an opportunity -- then the quote.

I am hoping that I have done something in the SSA setup that is preventing it from saving when it is populated during the creation of the quote.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

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    Are you always adding the Quote in the context of the company?

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    Yes.  I have added a button to the company screen to start a quote.  The idea being they will be on the phone with the customer as they start that process.

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    In an effort to try to figure out what I might be doing wrong with the SSA field not saving, I decided to try some other field types to see if they would save.  My goal was to add a field to the web picker to indicate that the purchase was for a "Member" of a Co-op.  I tried a checkbox, it would not save either.  I tried a selection list with a yes or no, it would not save.  Lastly, I tried just a plain text field and typed Yes in the field.  Upon save, none of the data populated on the Opportunity record.  The only data that populated was the company and person fields which were already on the screen.  Therefore, I think my SSA field is setup OK as NO type of field is actually saving when added to the web picker.

    I am wondering if I am going to have to use a table level script to grab the values from the form and populate the values on the opportunity record with custom scripts if I want any fields I have populated to actually be saved on the opportunity record.

    Currently, I am not understanding why the values are not populating on the opportunity record since they are present on the screen at save.  I have included a screen shot below.  The highlighted data on the web picker are the fields that don't populate.  I only need one of these fields (there are three for testing different field types).  I wanted a field as part of the web picker so I could use it to hide or show the Member box on the Quote summary.  If this is not a member purchase, there is not any need for the Member field on the quote summary.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

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    I don't know the answer.  But I think you will need to look at the SQL Logs to try and understand CRM's behaviour at this point.  A vanilla uncustomised instance of CRM when a Quote is directly entered in the context of a company (and where the opportunity will automatically be created) will carry out 3 inserts.  

    It will add a record into the Opportunity Table, then the Quotes table and then into the Escalations table.  What data is used at this point?  There are also updates that take place to the tables once the record is inserted.

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    Jeff:  Thank you for giving me a shove in the right direction with a suggestion at what to look at.  I will take a look at the logs and the tables.  I will also try this in my sandbox.

    Your assistance is always greatly appreciated!!