Dashboard Gadget List Column Size

I have seen these asked before, but i have yet to see a solution. 

I have created a template dashboard with a list gadget. I resize the columns to the way i want them. As soon as i go out and back in they are all messed up again. I have even tries to adjust with width manually in the LPGadget.LPGad_LayoutXml with no luck. There HAS to be a way to do this!

Thank you for your help!

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    Hi Avolpe

    This is a bit hit and miss, it should retain the width of the columns - so long you are editing the template version of the dashboard (i.e. you have clicked on Templates | Dashboard Templates | Modify Gadgets) from this point it should retain changes you perform.

    The most annoying tends to be where the last column always seems to shrink to nothing, in these cases where it does happen I tend to either include a column I don't need or to turn on 'Display Workflow Anchor...' even though there might not be any workflow. Leaving this last column to do whatever it wants to do, the rest tend to behave