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Sage South Africa | POPIA compliance certificates and/or questionnaires to be completed

Sage South Africa (Pty) Ltd (“Sage”) has taken the following steps in order to become POPIA Ready:

 The process we have been following - practical and effective compliance

Sage has identified Michalsons ( as experts who will continuously assist us to comply with POPIA by following their four-step process (Awareness -> Plan -> Implement -> Review).

Action already taken

Sage has developed a Privacy Hub containing updated Sage POPIA Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, PAIA Manual. We have joined the Michalsons Compliance Programme for Data Protection.

Further measures

We will continuously review our processes to determine what further implementation actions we need to take from a customer and third-party perspective to improve our processes. We have developed a POPIA internal training program for employees and partners alike.

We also have a comprehensive website available that may be able to assist with the questions you have: Sage Legal Information: Know the Protection of Personal Information Act.

Further to the above:

  • If you require us to complete an assessment/questionnaire: Please send us a copy of your agreement with us and we will share a data protection agreement (DPA) to be signed by both parties.
  • If you require a compliance certificate to confirm Sage is POPIA compliant: We don’t issue compliance certificates, as all relevant obligations are contained in the contract with you, the client/business partner. You will also find answers to your questions here.
  • For specific Privacy related queries contact: [email protected]
  • For specific Legal related queries contact: [email protected]