When to contact the Sage City Team

Happy New Year, fellow citizens of Sage City!

With the New Year comes the busy payroll tax season, and with that, increased support and customer service volumes.

How can Sage City help?  Well, chances are good that your question has already been asked in one of our Support Groups.  So, as a first step, you can search Sage City for an answer.  However, if you don't find a suitable result, then the next step would be to post a question of your own to the applicable Product Support Group.  Other users of the product will then be able to see your question and offer their thoughts and insight, and everyone in the community who has a similar issue in the future will benefit from the replies.

Logging in or setting up an account on Sage City is pretty easy, but sometimes you may need assistance.  That is when you should contact the Sage City Mayor.  We can offer assistance in getting logged in and using the many features of Sage City, as well as direct you to the many useful Help files in the Town Hall

We should point out that the Sage City Mayor inbox is for assistance and feedback with your Sage City online community account only.  For assistance with technical, product, or account-related questions, please refer to Sage Support Resources

We do recognize that this is a busy time of the year and that hold times will be higher than normal, but if you can avoid placing a call or opening a support case from the outset by finding an answer online, then everyone wins!