Tips to help you get a faster reply

Greetings!  Many of you are in the thick of the busy tax season, and we thought we'd share some tips for when you post questions in Sage City to help you get faster, more accurate replies with less back and forth.

When posting a question in Sage City, please be sure to include as much detail and information as possible.  This would include the following:

- list the Sage product you are using.

- list the exact version you are on.

- which product updates have you installed?

- list any error messages you may have received.

- state when the problem first started to appear.

- if it is a reporting issue, are you using a customized or a standard report?

- does the issue happen for all users or just certain users?

- screenshots always help!

- don't forget to tag your post so that other users searching Sage City will be able to locate it in the future.

- keep on topic and don't try to mix too many different issues into one post.

And when you do get a reply that solves your issue, please be sure to mark it as verified so that other members of the community also benefit from this knowledge!