Pay it forward....don't forget to verify those answers!

So, you've posted a question on Sage City and then received a number of great replies from peers or a Sage employee, one of which was spot on and helped to resolve your issue.  How can you pay that help forward and assist others who have a similar issue?  Well, you can mark your original question as verified and share that knowledge with others in the community!

It's easy.  For any post you have created as a question, you will see an option to Verify Answer once there is at least one reply.  All you have to do is click on any reply that you feel helped resolve your original question.  Once you verify an answer, a green box will be placed around that post, signifying that it is a Verified Answer.

And, if you are replying to a post with an answer you feel will resolve the original poster's question, don't forget to mark your response as a Suggested Answer by clicking on that box before clicking on Reply.  This will place a yellow box around that post and send a notification to the original poster that there is a suggested answer that they will want to check out and then mark as verified if it helped them to resolve their question.

By suggesting answers and marking them as verified, when applicable, you are helping to pay it forward by assisting your peers in Sage City and contributing to the building of a vibrant, healthy community.