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| Sage HRMS | Increasing the power of your business software with Alerts & Workflow - part 1 of 6 |

With a little creativity, it is easy for organizations of any size to improve the movement of data & processes using alerts & workflow.  To learn how customers of all sizes can reap the operational and financial benefits of alerts & workflow using Sage HRMS - alongside your Sage 100 product - follow our six-post blog series, which starts below.

In this first post, we will look at Employee Hiring, Absenteeism & Termination by asking you to consider three issues that you may face in your business:

1)            Can you put a figure on how much money you lose through excessively absent or tardy employees?

If the answer here is no, then consider the following: What if you could proactively identify when individual employees were approaching or had exceeded their allotted sick days, or consistent tardiness? What if you could translate this into lost productivity, and cost, to your organization?

2)            Can you proactively track scheduled vacation time, medical leave, and other absence periods?

If not, ask yourself this: How much time & money could you save by automatically posting when employees will be on leave, the type of leave they are on, and the remaining time before they return?

3)            Are you using manual processes to hire or terminate an employee? If so, can you be sure that all mandated steps are taken, and options communicated?

If this is the case, ask yourself this: How much time could be saved by automatically notifying internal staff of all the actions necessary, whether hiring or terminating someone’s employment (e.g., scheduling training, IT requirements, turning in company property, setting up the exit interview, etc.)?

If you recognize any of these issues in your business, then we can help you to make the case for deploying Alerts & Workflows in your business.

Watch our Quick Feature Demonstration on the Sage Customer Support and Training YouTube channel as well as all the other resources available on the Sage City Community.

In the next post, we will consider the value of Alerts & Workflow in dealing with HR Policy Violations & Workplace Injuries.