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| Sage HRMS | Increasing the power of your business software with Alerts & Workflow | Part 2 of 6 |

With a little creativity, it is easy for organizations of any size to improve the movement of data & processes using alerts & workflow.  To learn how customers of all sizes can reap the operational and financial benefits of alerts & workflow using Sage HRMS, follow our six-post blog series, which continues below.

In this second post, we will look at HR Policy Violations & Workplace Injuries by asking you to consider three issues that you may face in your business:

  1. Do you ever become aware of a required HR task - such as a timecard not submitted, a drug test not taken, or a training course not completed – that should have happened but did not? 
    If so, ask yourself this:  Do you know how much time and money could be saved if you had a system that automatically monitored specific requirement and sent reminders to ensure they were completed?
  2. Are workplace injuries properly recorded and followed-up on? And are you sure you capture every single one?
    If not, ask yourself this:  What if you could identify trends in workplace safety and put the proper systems and processes in place to alleviate or minimize these, how much could that save your organization?
  3. Have you ever been caught off guard by an excessive number of disciplinary problems, customer complaints, or violations of your employment policy?
    If so, ask yourself this:  How long after these violations occur do you find out about them? How much time do you spend trying to gather & analyze this information?
  4. Can you continuously monitor the required steps and guidelines for visa and green card sponsored employees?
    If not, ask yourself this:  How much time and money could be saved by automatically notifying internal staff of actions necessary to comply with visa and green card requirements?

If you recognize any of these issues in your business, then we can help you to make the case for deploying Alerts & Workflows as part of your Sage HRMS installation.

Watch our Quick Feature Demonstration on the Sage Customer Support and Training YouTube channel as well as all the other resources available on the Sage City Community.

In the next post, we will consider the value of Alerts & Workflow in helping with HR Administrative activities.