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Verification is Key

Hello Sage City Community Members,

Thank you for your ongoing support and for being part of our community. We appreciate everyone who has joined, and we're excited to welcome even more members!

To make our community even better, we're moving towards a peer-to-peer model. That means we kindly ask you to continue verifying answers provided by both our support team and fellow community members who have helped you.

By verifying answers, we can fill our community with high-quality solutions and create an amazing resource for everyone.

So, as community members, when you receive an answer that solves your problem, simply click on the "Verify answer" White check mark button (next to Reply, on the response) to let us know. Together, let's build a community filled with top-notch answers!

Thank you all, and let's keep making Sage City an incredible place to be! Star2Speech balloon

Best regards,

Erzsi - Your Community Country Lead for NA