Error in Process Report Method

We've been trying to automatically post SO Invoice batches at the end of the day.  While we have tried using the task scheduler within Sage, we found that for SOME batches (batches created by the shippers in shipping data entry), the sales journal would hang and go nowhere.

We have a BOI program that we use for another client that works fine, so we ported it over to this other environment, and found that (similar to the task scheduler), It has trouble updating batches generated by the shippers (I performed a test using my login, created dummy shipping transactions and they posted fine).

In the failing scenario, when the BOI program runs, at the point of 'ProcessReport' method on the sales journal object, we get the below.   Was hoping someone might have some insight on this?  Again, we have the exact same program running for another client with no issue - running the exact same version/edition of Sage, also using Starship and CC processing via Paya.  Thanks!

<Error: 15 in Method PROCESSREPORT>

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    After running multiple tests - it appears that only the user who created the invoice can (successfully) run the posting process (either via Sage scheduled task or via BOI interface).  This is regardless of what Sage permissions either user has.

    Attempting to post invoices created by another user gives us the above error.

    Very strange.