Persistent connection to Sage BOI with PHP?

Our company is working on a locally hosted PHP web-server that connects with our local Sage 100 instance for our internal use. So far it's working pretty well, but it takes about 10 seconds to open up a session in Sage 100 with the BOI and execute a script. We've been able to use MySQL mirroring to mitigate this, so our read speeds are effectively instant. But if we want to write to Sage, (create a Purchase Order, edit an inventory item, etc.) it takes about 10 seconds to process. Our theory is that if we preserve the ProvideX object within a session, then it won't have to reestablish a connection to the Sage BOI every time the page is refreshed, and therefore won't take as long to process, sort of like what you can do with a MySQL connection.

Is it possible to preserve the session so that it is persistent, and doesn't need to be re-established between the user navigating pages? If not, is there anything that can be done to improve the connection speed so employees aren't waiting 10 seconds every time they create/edit a PO?

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    I've created an external support time entry app for a Sage 100 partner. I'm Using a VB OCX form and class library for my UI which calls back to ScriptBasic on defined events. I'm using BOI to access ALE lookups and ODBC to access 100 and MS SQL Server. It only takes a second for the ALE lookup to display. I keep my PVXCOM connection open until my app closes.

    PHP is a great language but its OLE/COM extension doesn't seem well supported.